'In Politics, No value for ideals and Ethics'

'Ideal' is such a word which every person expects from the person in front but refrains from establishing the ideal himself. We all know that one should always speak the truth but we all expect that the person in front should follow this ideal. 

                    On this basis, in politics also the value of ideal is 'zero', in the field of politics the concept of ideal is meaningless. So if politics is idealized then it is not politics. The meaning of ideal in politics also changes with time, the ideal work of one becomes inferior to that of the other. 

                    The basic aim of politics is to remain in 'power' by any means.

Politics is also seen as a Dharma yuddh. Dharma means 'truth', but each person has his own 'truth'. According to this, every person has his own Dharma, but the one whose Dharma is the best is victorious.

                     If a person fights for his own self-interest or profit or self-defense, then it may be his dharma, but if another person fights before himself for the interest or defense of his own nation or earth or brothers and sisters , then that is his dharma, and the superior of these two dharma is the one who fights for the nation or earth or brothers and sisters. Because even animals are ready for war for their own selfishness or profit or protection. But the duty of man is always to motivate himself to help others.

                       Victory is everything in war, therefore all kinds of actions are appropriate in war, if Veergati is the pride of a warrior in war, then Vijayashree is the adornment of a warrior in war. Ideals have negligible place on the battlefield. After churning the ocean, be it the siren of Lord Vishnu to bring back the nectar from the demons, or the killing of Bali by Shri Ram, or Shri Krishna being with the Pandavas, or Chanakya's crest freed, or Shivaji's fighting skills, or Subhash Chandra's army. If all these had beaten the drum of ideals, then where would we be today?

                The value of ideals is in service and the opportunity to serve comes after victory in the war, where we can set as many ideals as we like.

By S.Rajput